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== “A powerful and useful mathematical console” ==
SigmaConsole was written by “The New International Mathematics Consortium” (ENIMC) and is available as open source and can be download.
SigmaConsole Features:
* Text mode for mathematical expressions : you can enter any type of mathematical expression in the text mode.
* Numeric keypad : press a number to increment or decrement the number.
* Horizontal mode for the matrix : you can enter a matrix expression in any size
* Symbols : you can define your own symbols for operators or constants.
* Quotation : you can insert a real or imaginary unit and it will be automatically interpreted
* Functions : you can define your own mathematical functions.
* Import : you can import external files (.sigmaname)
* Export : you can export.sigmaname files
* Define variable : you can define variables and define their initial value and it can be used later.
* Colors : you can define which font to use, or colorize your expressions using colors and define the color code using Hex numbers.
* History : you can save and restore your expressions using the History mode.
* Debug : you can see more information about your expressions in a numerical format.
* Syntax highlight : you can highlight specific parts of the expression.
* Display : you can see more details about the size, position, spacing, font, color etc. of the expressions.
* Overlay : you can see a beautiful visualization over your expressions.
* Math fonts : you can choose between different fonts to use and their sizes
* Number of rows and columns : you can define the number of rows and columns.
* Padding : you can set or remove the padding between the rows and columns.
* Dotted, Compound and Ordered : you can define the point spacing between the rows and columns.
* Alignment : you can define how your expression will be centered in the current selected font and the current numbers size.
* Quotation mark = you can type it in the expression and use it later in the same expression.
* Display functions : you can display or hide specific functions.
* Common expressions : you can copy a common expression like a + b or pi or the $\frac{a}{b}$
* Scaling : you can define how big or small will the expression be.
* SigmaConsole can be used as a console (with

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Main Features:
– Functions/Expressions evaluation. You can use functions like exp(), log(), sqrt(), cos(), sin(), tan() etc. There is support for matrices, vectors, sequences. The variables can have any names (except reserved names), and they can be numbers, sequences or functions.
– You can do basic mathematical operations between numbers, sequences, functions and other variables, e.g. sin(x/3)-tan(x*3) gives the result.
– You can use the signed and unsigned version of the integral operators (+ – * / = > /

SigmaConsole Crack+ [Win/Mac]

Calculator functionality in your Mathematica notebook.
Contributed by Kevin P. Tracey and Alexey Shirshov.
SigmaConsole History:

On 2014/10/15:

Added parameter -A (to toggle between Asymptotic and Absolute accuracy)
Added parameter -s (to toggle between speed (speed of result generated from the RHS) and accuracy – one can get a 1-10x speedup.
Added MathContext> and MathContext to also convert precision to 16-digits.
By Ing.Dirk Heylen [email protected]

On 2014/10/07:

Added MathContext> and MathContext and MathContext example

On 2014/09/12:

Added MathContext> and MathContext examples

On 2014/09/03:

MathContext> and MathContext and MathContext example

On 2014/08/23:

Added MathContext> and MathContext defaults to base 10 when base is not specified and base is 0 in MathContext and MathContext example

On 2014/08/13:

New option -Q to change the precision of MathContext> and MathContext and MathContext by default uses 10 as the base and defaults to specified number base if it is not supplied.
MathContext< uses the specified base and if it is not supplied, uses 10 for an

What’s New in the SigmaConsole?

SigmaConsole is an easy to use, interactive mathematical and programming console. It supports: mathematical operations (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and power), trigonometric and elementary and special functions, plots, data visualization, standard mathematical functions and string manipulation (substring and string-repses). It also supports user defined functions. It is a very useful tool that supports a wide variety of mathematical functions to help you with your research. You can use it to draw data trends, find, graph, compile and run user-defined functions, and so much more.
Usage on Windows:

Step-by-Step Tutorials to get started with SigmaConsole on Windows
Guide for evaluation of simple expressions using SigmaConsole

Usage on Mac OSX:

Step-by-Step Tutorials to get started with SigmaConsole on Mac OSX
Guide for evaluation of simple expressions using SigmaConsole


Functional programming in JavaScript with support for advanced functions
Data visualization for x, y and z axis
Plotting of 3D data
Plotting of time versus x, y, z, y versus x, z, or x versus y, z
Plotting of different values on different Y-axes and Z-axes
Substring extraction
Text manipulation using regular expression, string replace, etc.
Compilation of user-defined functions
Inclusion of external files
Support for non-Standard functions
Support for non-Unicode/ASCII input/output
Ability to show result on the same window you are working with
Supports multi-threading
Display of workspace (plotting, print output, etc.)
Image Export
Math Expressions
Numeric math operators + – * / ^
A variety of mathematical functions
Data Visualization
Ability to change the working directory
Supports import from / export to Excel (via xlsx – XLS)
Supports import from Excel – other formats like xls (via xls)
Free version is limited to 100 function evaluations per session

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