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Newblue Motion Blends with Serial and Crack



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How to prove that $f(M_g) \subset M_f$?

If $M$ is a transitive group and $g\in G$ is an element of $G$, then $M_g = \{m\in M: \, g.m = m \}$ is called a generalized left (right) translation of $M$. Prove that if $f$ and $g$ are morphisms of $G$-sets, then $f(M_g) \subset M_f$.
I know how to prove this theorem from other framework; but I don’t know how to solve it in general.


I assume by “$G$-set” you mean a transitive set equipped with an action of a group $G$.
The claim is true.
It follows from the fact that the map $g\mapsto f(m)$, $m\in M_g$ is a left action of $G$ on $M$ and $f:M\to N$ is a right action of $G$ on $N$. Indeed, for all $m\in M$,
$$f(g\cdot m)=g\cdot f(m)=f(g\cdot m)$$
and, conversely,
$$g\cdot f(m)=f(g^{ -1}\cdot m)=f(m).$$

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I think you got to go to the actual JAR file you’re using and edit it manually.
Locate the file which starts with Newbluefx_v1.0.5.jar.
Open it in a text editor and search for this string:

After finding the first occurrence, search for this string:

Copy everything after that until the next occurrence of .
Edit the copy and replace the two first Predictive value of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance cytology results in subsequent surveillance testing and clinical outcome.
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