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Testing the new features

Photoshop has a number of new features, including Layer Comps, which allow you to view and manipulate components on layers. Of particular interest to photographers is the ability to create and modify camera presets. Clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the window and choosing Camera Raw gives you access to Adobe’s special suite of tools designed to control RAW format images that adjust exposure, white balance, and other characteristics.

To view photos in a darkroom-like view of the photo, choose View⇒Slide Splay. The View menu also includes options to Edit Tiled Images and Fit to Screen. Both have their uses, but in my experience they aren’t as powerful or configurable as the regular View option.

You find a number of new features in the new Photoshop CS5. Choose Help⇒Photoshop CS5 Help from the main menu and type a keyword in the Find box. This feature enables you to search the Photoshop CS5 Help, documents and videos, and online tutorials. When you have found an option you wish to explore, click the Return to link to the highlighted topic.

You can download a free trial of Photoshop CS5 from the Adobe web site. (See the “Photo Restoration with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9” sidebar, later in this chapter, for a discussion of a similar feature in Photoshop Elements.)

## Managing a Diverse Media Collection

The Media Manager enables you to organize your photos, including any that you download from online. This feature enables you to use the camera and other devices to save photos directly to the computer. You can either use the _Import dialog,_ shown in Figure 9-6, or the Media Manager. Both work the same way.

FIGURE 9-6: Here are

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2. How to install Photoshop Elements?

Download the installer from Adobe website. Choose the version and your operating system.

3. How to open Photoshop Elements?

Open a web browser and navigate to the following page:

Click the image “Install Photoshop Elements” on the left side. Choose your operating system, click “Next” and follow the instructions to install the software.

4. After the installation process is complete, run the program. If the program does not appear as expected, use the instructions below.

5. How to open Photoshop Elements?

Click the image “Open Photoshop Elements” on the left side. Choose your operating system, click “Next” and follow the instructions to open the software.

Note: You can also launch Photoshop Elements by double-clicking the shortcut created by Windows or macOS system. The application can also be found in other directories under some operating systems (e.g. /Applications under Mac, or the Start screen under Windows). For more details, see the instruction manual.

6. How to change the interface of Photoshop Elements?

Click the button “Software” on the upper right side. In the interface that appears, choose “Change look and feel”.

7. How to use your photo?

Click the image “File” on the left side. Click “Open” to load an image or create a new image.

8. How to use filters?

Click the image “Filters” on the upper right side. Choose a filter from the list on the right side.

For example, to open the Black-and-White filter.

9. How to use your tools?

Click the right-side buttons to use specific tools.

For example, click the left tool to use the brush.

10. How to use your tools?

Click the right-side buttons to use specific tools.

For example, to open the Black-and-White filter.

11. How to use your cameras?

Use the right side buttons to zoom in and out (if installed).

For example, to use the macro function.

12. How to use your cameras?

Use the right side buttons to zoom in and out (if installed).

For example, to use the macro function.

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