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* **Photoshop CS6** has numerous new tools. Some of them are outlined in this chapter, and the rest will be introduced in Book II, Chapters through.

* **Photoshop CS6 Extended** is a professional-level version of Photoshop. It offers more features than CS5 and is designed to be used by designers and artists, so it has far more features than those who mainly work with photos.

You may be tempted to purchase both products, but you might want to consider investing in Photoshop CS6 instead. It’s a far better product than CS5 was, so it’s really not worth paying for CS6 extended if you only use the basic product occasionally.


You can download a free copy of the CS6 trial version from Adobe’s web site at the time of writing at the following URL:


This fundamental concept of layers—image components that can be placed over each other like tiles in a wall—is the cornerstone of all modern image editing systems. It’s been the image editing engine used by all other programs (even animated-graphics programs, like Flash, use layers).

The Layers panel (Figure 1-1), accessed through Window → Layers, lets you manage your layers. Figure 1-2 shows an image with six layers.

Figure 1-1. Layers are as thin as an onion. With each layer, you add an image, text, or other graphic to build an image.

Figure 1-2. You can toggle layers on and off as you work, enabling you to see the image components underneath at a moment’s notice. This image has six layers.


You can download a free copy of the CS6 trial version from Adobe’s web site at the time of writing at the following URL:

Layers provide an easy way to manage the large number of image elements that you create. For example, in Figure 1-3, I’ve created an image that includes a calendar, a clock, some text, a decorative frame, and a photo of a picture frame

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Every computer has Photoshop, as well as at least one version of Photoshop Elements. It is easy to see how as Photoshop Elements was created as a stripped down, more user friendly version of Photoshop. Although there are many very creative and knowledgeable photographers and graphic designers who use both of them, there is also a big segment of people who only have access to Photoshop Elements. This means we need to be prepared to make the transition.

If you are just starting out with using Photoshop Elements, here are five things you should do to get the most out of the software:

1. Use a plug-in

The main reason you use Photoshop is to edit images and make some adjustments to their quality. However, this is just part of the reason you use Photoshop. Photoshop Elements, like all image editing software, is designed to blend seamlessly with the Mac operating system. The tools used to edit images are more basic and not as feature-rich as the tools found in Photoshop.

Luckily, the basic tools in Photoshop Elements are all complemented by plug-ins. These are extensions of Photoshop Elements that add features to it, giving it much more functionality. Some plug-ins add more color tools, others give you more options for image manipulation and quality tweaking. Plug-ins can be found in the application’s plug-in store.

If you want to edit an image or workflow completely, you may need to use multiple plug-ins. Be careful to uninstall plug-ins that aren’t required to edit the image before adding more. You can install more plug-ins than you should use in the short term, but they will slow down the software.

Finding the right plug-in can be a challenge. There are tens of thousands of plug-ins available in the application’s plug-in store. They range from quality add-ons to image manipulation to plug-ins for more advanced image editing.

2. Learn to quickly open a file

When you open a file in Photoshop Elements, it can take a long time to open. The time you spend waiting while the program loads is time that you could have been doing something else. Learning to navigate Photoshop Elements quickly is easier if you learn to open files faster.

There are a few keystrokes you can use to quickly open the file. If you have an external hard drive, it is always a safe bet to drag and drop files to your drive. Many of Photoshop Elements’

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SQL query that returns all activity data (last hour, last 24 hours)

I have an event table in my project and I need to fetch all the activity that happened within last hour and last 24 hours from a user.
I wrote the query below
FROM `event` as table
WHERE (date(table.datetime) >= ‘2016-05-25 07:00’
AND date(table.datetime) < '2017-05-25 07:00') GROUP BY date(table.datetime) ORDER BY date(table.datetime) DESC I guess this query will only fetch the last hour activity and will not fetch the last 24 hours activity. Can someone help me out of this? A: I guess your issue is that it does not also check for < '2016-05-25 07:00' I am not 100% sure if the creation/update of date and time values in MySQL is just parsed to a timestamp or actual datetime as well. So one solution can be to first substract 60*60*1,0 to '2016-05-25 07:00' and then date('2016-05-25 07:00'). If not, you can use DATE_SUB()/DATE_ADD() to add one day to your query. SELECT date(table.datetime), sum(table.value), count( FROM `event` as table WHERE (date(table.datetime) BETWEEN '2016-05-25 07:00' AND DATE_SUB( DATE_ADD( CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL -1 DAY ), INTERVAL 1 HOUR )

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An ancient volcano site in western China has been a tourist attraction since the 1950s, and now it can also be a slice of modern history.

Scientists have unearthed a burial site inside the ancient volcanic activity site that researchers believe dates back to the Western Han Dynasty. The burial was found when an excavation was carried out during the construction of a new bus route. Researchers from Zhejiang and Sichuan universities said they were able to confirm the old name of the volcanic site, Gulaishan, as well as its age by analyzing different techniques.

Gulaishan is located in the southeastern part of the city of Suining in China’s eastern Zhejiang province. It is close to the Huangshan mountain range, which is the second highest mountain range in China. It contains a lot of minerals and radioactive stones. Researchers discovered bones and jewelry buried in the volcanic mud from the site. The geological research team who studied the site was able to find the volcanic layer that was dated back to 520 to 616 AD, which is the Han Dynasty.

“The Gulaishan burial site is an important archaeological discovery,” study co-author Qu Xuesen said in a statement. “Through excavation, we found artifacts that are part of daily life at the time. In the past, artifacts like these were found in excavation sites and recorded as historical relics. This time, we were able to see those artifacts and their daily lives are closer than we think. This result can tell us how the Han citizens lived.”

The Han Dynasty was the ruling dynasty of China from 206 BC to 220 AD. It is called the Western Han Dynasty because it lasted till the middle of the 2nd century AD. The bones of the Han subjects were buried with their belongings and were stacked on their chests in order to be buried easily. They have also been found holding bowls, knives, ornaments, and even a pillow.

The scientists were able to analyze the strata and the volcanic layer to be able to define when the burial occurred. They found fossil remains of trees embedded in the volcanic sediment. Those fossils were found to be fossil of short-cropped trees that were between 1.5 and 2 meters tall. The scientists were able to find the culture in which the Han people lived through those plants and fossils.

The volcanic layer also contained artifacts from the Wei, Jin, and Tang Dynasties. These are other significant periods in Chinese history. Researchers

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.1000) or later
Intel Core i3 7100U (4 Cores, 6 Threads, 1.70 GHz) or AMD equivalent processor
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB or AMD equivalent
HDD: 500 GB
Output: DirectX 11
Additional Requirements:
Internet Connection
Visual Studio 2019
XNA Framework
All programs are available in English only.
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