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# Basic steps in working in Photoshop

Photoshop has many tools to perform basic image-editing tasks, including the following:

* **The Draw tool:** This tool enables you to select objects or draw along paths. You can draw basic shapes and paths, such as lines, arcs, and rectangles and circles.
* **The Selection tool:** You can select an area of the image by using the Selection

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn the basic concepts and functions of Photoshop Elements so that you can create your own high-quality graphics.

Here’s a free trial version of Photoshop Elements available from Adobe’s website.

Open Photoshop Elements with a new project

The Photoshop Elements application is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud (a paid cloud service that provides graphic designers with access to a suite of Adobe tools), so it’s strongly recommended that you download it in the beta version to get free tech support. To do so, visit, select “trial” from the “download” tab and then click on the “begin free trial” button on the “download now” page.

After you’ve installed the software, you’ll need to open a new project.

How to open a new project in Photoshop Elements

The following steps describe how to create a new project in Photoshop Elements:

Click on the “File” icon in the taskbar at the top of the screen. In the window that opens, select “New Project” from the “File” menu. Next, click the “+” button in the lower-left corner of the window to open the dialog box that will show all of your projects. From there, you’ll see a list of your most recently used projects. Navigate to the project that you want to open and select it by clicking it once. Make sure that “Photoshop Elements” is selected in the “Compatibility” drop-down menu and click “OK”.

How to use the dialog box in Photoshop Elements

If you don’t see the menu bar in your Photoshop Elements window or don’t see the “File” icon in the taskbar, you may need to open a new window. To do so, go to the taskbar at the top of the screen, hold down the “Shift” key and click on the “New Window” icon.

Make sure that the dialog box is displayed and select “Photoshop Elements” from the “Compatibility” drop-down menu. The last step is to click “OK”.

Choose a file type

Photoshop Elements allows you to work with different file types.

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What’s New in the Offline Adobe Photoshop Free Download?

* You can use the Polygonal Lasso tool to select a specific portion of an image, such as an object, and then use the Lasso tool to draw a path. The selection within the path becomes a new layer or is merged with the background.
* You can use the Rectangular Marquee tool to make selections in different areas of an image.
* You can use the Magic Wand tool to select a specific area of an image.
* You can use the Pen tool to create different kinds of effects. When you use the Pen tool, you can draw with a freehand line or use various other tools, such as the Elliptical Marquee tool, to modify the shape and size of the line. You can change the width of the line, the line color and the direction you draw. You can use the Gradient tool to create a gradual change in color or intensity.
* You can use the Blur tool to apply slight blur effects to a picture. You can also use the Grainy Effect tool to make minor adjustments to the appearance of an image.
* You can use the Spot Healing tool to make small corrections to specific areas of an image. This tool is great for repairing spots and other imperfections in an image.
* You can use the Content-Aware Fill tool to make slight adjustments to an image that you want to be completely accurate. For example, you can use this tool to fill in additional objects that are in an image.

It is important to have a separate layer for each of your tools or effects. When you draw or paint in an image, you draw on a layer, and when you use the Stroke Path tool, you create a path that resides on a layer. If you need to combine two or more layers, then you simply use the Layer | Combine | Merge Layers command.

You can save space on your hard drive by merging the layers into a single layer. You can do this by using the Layer | Flatten Image command. When you flatten a layer, any effects on that layer are removed. You can flatten a layer to save a lot of space when you’re working on a large file.

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2. The PCRE library
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