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Recently, I have been wondering about the role of technology in the dating world. Before there were laptops and cell phones and Facebook, it used to be so much simpler for someone to meet and attract someone (or, as in the case of love, for someone to fall in love) on the other side of the world. But, then again, people didn’t even have computers, let alone the internet—there were no apps for dating, no online profiles that went anywhere besides maybe your local library or friend’s email account.

The advent of technology in the last 20 years has changed the dating game and the very way we go about looking for love. First, dating apps revolutionized the way we go about seeking a new mate; secondly, social media has made possible an entire system of dating by simply seeking out someone on a social media platform and connecting with them.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing before we get into the ways in which technology is changing the ways in which we date. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have helped people connect with a person on the other side of the world, and that is great for the marriage-seeking/widow-seeking or hookup-seeking and whatever-you’re-seeking types. (Nope, I’ve never used Tinder, but I know many girls who have.)

But the modern dating landscape is more complicated than that. Modern dating is all about taking the right approach. And the modern approach is a combination of both online and offline tactics. For a lot of us, it’s all about how to turn people that we meet and chat with into people that we text and/or match with on apps like Tinder. This includes making the first move, chatting with people, and even creating a profile on a dating app.

So now that you know the difference between dating apps, the importance of taking action, and the many dating apps available out there, let’s go over how you can make the best of a modern dating app experience.

1. First, determine who you are and what you want.

The best way to figure out who you are is to know yourself. If, after taking stock of yourself, you find yourself feeling nervous or unsure, then you’re probably not ready to start dating. This includes both dating apps and online dating; it’s all about following your gut. I’ve made the mistake of dating before knowing myself.

Online dating sites like Match and eHarmony offer an easy way
You aren’t alone: The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 90 percent of us will experience some form of an emotional disorder sometime in our lives. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Dating can be one of the best ways to get help, especially for a disorder that manifests itself in your emotions. Click here to find out how to get help.

You should go to the doctor: Your health and well-being are equally important to your dating life, and living with a mental disorder is challenging, to say the least. If you’re thinking about getting treatment, you should talk with your doctor, and we have tips for how to ask.

A good relationship takes work: If you haven’t already, you should talk with your doctor about taking a medication that will increase your sex drive, and we have a list of 12 of them. You can’t get mad if you can’t get enough, and why take a chance on something going wrong?

Go online: There are many dating sites out there, but the most popular include Match, Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, eHarmony, and Zoosk. Some might suit you more than others, but many are designed to help you find someone who shares your interests and values.

Be picky: Unless you don’t mind traveling a bit, and in a pinch will drive, we recommend taking the time to find someone you click with. This is likely your long-term partner, but it could be someone who shares more than the first date. Use this to your advantage, and filter out people who aren’t right for you.

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Know your limits: You can date as many people as you want, but this doesn’t mean you should. While you’re looking for a partner to start a family with, you should only date a few people at once. You’ll need to balance your desire to have more than one partner at a time with the fact that you might do more harm than good. It’s also not a good idea to date a lot more than you’re comfortable with, as that can lead to burnout.

Don’t make it obvious: One of the hardest things in dating is walking that fine line between being passionate and being a secret stalker. You’re not hiding anything if you want to stare at someone all the time, but if you

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