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4/16/2010 Long ume.
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£-E-D/rcn1c€ B-1 f 4-01-0.00 tp rn tnsu M s/hcrra, SUBCR C, NADO.



June 6, 1979
Aprill11- 1979- 9 to r. als Supervisor, Executive Clerks Office.. f ollt p~lce,Jtce~ on~. a • end oi d tm ders, contracts.
Assistant to the Genet~~ Administrzrtr ~~ Assistant to the Secretary of Energy.
~ dters;ment of, the Final’ · Issiab as. Quality Assurcd.. est tstfion nnjury claim end ntracts. · T..
1,st Associate Director, Office of Starnations, rd to the Poll?g of the Office of Se rve~. A Nd Qunatifi D ®~
of the Deputy Comptroller, stf”~r to the Depet!t. · of.. ��tnid~.rke~ / ~r~, ntctw tnxu~,. ~ • ml •
A Rakei Table d to Recei(.ines Section in DIstitutfon of Trrnlgge. ~tthorlal Tax Cu~s i. – “dent.. •
A De f er 4. he or a~y n~t~r. 4-ne e.m-(m-


June 11, 1990
Aprill10- 1990- 3 to pjserp. to Advsist~n Secretary. to Unit General. s Asststdge to Deputy General. i
B~·Secretary, f\ Imprrvisor of~ral l Rue1 Unit,
then from Unit. General. ~
A nd Deslt~er f.~

Belle the Gussie: A Case History of Educational Discrimination Against Women in Pre-WWI
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