The Vampire Returns 2005 Hindi Dubbed 🚩

The Vampire Returns 2005 Hindi Dubbed 🚩


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How do I apply a camera modifier to a mesh?

I would like to apply an image effect to the camera view of a 3D mesh, specifically removing any visible seams and applying a noise texture. I have been trying the Applying a Shader effect to the camera View node but I can’t get the correct input node for the shader.
I have this setup:

and this is what happens when I input the Camera node as a “Input” node for the output of the Diffuse shader:

I would like to have something like this instead:

I know it’s not possible to assign an output node of a shader to a camera in this way, but is there a way to apply an effect to a mesh and the camera at the same time?
Here’s a sample file:


I have had the exact same problem. What you can do, is to take the output of the Diffuse node (the resultant image), and use it as an input of the Noise node. You don’t need to manually assign it to a node, as it should be automatically assigned.
Note, that the amount of light (in this case the brightness) has to be really small, otherwise the noise will be too harsh. So, first set the brightness to 0.1, and then increase it to suit your needs.

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A bivariate function of the form $F(x_1,x_2)=f(x_1)f(x_2)$

Is it possible to write an explicit function $F(x_1,x_2)=f(x_1)f(x_2)$ such that $f(x_1)$ and $f(x_2)$ are not ndependent, but the dependence function $f(x_1)f(x_2)$ is always equal to 1?


The simple counterexample is
F(x,y) = x+y+xy=f(x)+f(y)
which obviously satisfies $f(x)
e f(y)$ but $f(x)f(y)=1$.

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