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In 2010, about 2.1 million commercial and government organizations used AutoCAD, while 6.3 million designers and drafters used AutoCAD for some portion of their work. In the United States alone, about 12,500 licenses were sold in 2014. More than 1.4 million companies use AutoCAD at their places of business.

See also: Top 50 Programming Languages and Top 50 Business and Management Languages.

Developer: Autodesk, Inc. See also: History.

Programming: C, C++, Object Pascal, C#

Technology: DWG, DWG/DXF, dBase


AutoCAD has a long history dating back to the mid-1970s. Initially, the software was coded in assembler language by the developers at Unisys and LSI Logic to meet the needs of the developers of these companies’ first computers, the PDP-11 and LSI-11. The first version, Release 1.0, was released in late 1982. The application was originally written in an assembler-like language, Interlisp, and the first user interface was also written in Lisp. This changed in 1984 when Steve Blank and Rick Fienie, two of the early employees at LSI Logic, produced an entirely new user interface, using their own new programming language called TCL (Tool Command Language).

The TCL user interface became the standard for Autodesk’s products. The TCL language and associated GUI are being replaced by the Windows.NET Framework and Microsoft’s XAML.

There were three major versions of AutoCAD until 1991, when Version 3.0 was introduced. New features included object-oriented programming, non-breaking axis, and Extensible Markup Language (XML) support. During this time, a number of other CAD applications were released, but the company continued to support AutoCAD. By 2009, version 2007 was the most recent release, and the third-to-last to support the classic TCL user interface.

This is one of the most common lines of arguments for those who consider AutoCAD outdated, but these arguments only hold water if the software is not considered useful or cutting-edge for its intended purpose. The software is used in many high-volume manufacturing processes. It does not have any direct competition, so it is difficult to quantify its success in terms of market share.


AutoCAD is

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Before version 12, AutoCAD was a DOS-based computer application written entirely in COBOL.

The name AutoCAD was a trademark of Autodesk. There is a general misconception that it was created by Jack Ng, who is an original AutoCAD designer. After the acquisition of AutoCAD by Autodesk, a reverse takeover was announced in which Autodesk will purchase the shares of 21st Century Fox, but will retain the trademark, licensing, and website at the same time.

Version history

AutoCAD is the design-specific component of the AutoCAD LT family of software. The LT software runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP Service Pack 2 and up. The AutoCAD LT application was originally named “AutoCAD,” but is no longer used in version 2018. The application is released in two different editions, depending on the intended audience:
AutoCAD is a drafting and technical design software solution used for 2D or 3D drafting and design (2D or 3D cad).
AutoCAD LT is the only 2D CAD product that supports architectural and engineering (3D) design.

In recent years, new features have been added that were not in the original 1989 version of AutoCAD, including components such as CATIA (formerly PDM), Rhinoceros, AutoCAD Map 3D, and AutoCAD for cloud applications.


AutoCAD is software for two-dimensional drafting and design. The process of CAD design entails the creation of drawings. At the core of each drawing is a 2D or 3D drawing file, which can be constructed from one or more objects such as:
Entity (which is usually a line or polyline object)
Block (which is typically a polygonal object)
Text (which is typically a piece of text)
A line is the longest straight and is often used to represent a road or path. Lines can be constructed out of one or more entities. A polyline is a line or set of lines that forms a closed loop. It is typically used to represent a path or road. Polylines can be constructed out of one or more entities. A block is used to represent an area of a shape. Blocks can be either filled with a color or transparent (that is, they can be seen through). In 3D, blocks are used to represent volumes (a model) or objects.

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Open your C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R16\Mesh0 directory and extract the file Autocad.Net.Mesh.rar to it.
Run the Autocad.Mesh.exe and import your model from Autocad.

Known Bugs
There are two known bugs:
Autocad first starts slowly when you add the layer.
The AmsMesh implementation isn’t fully tested and reliable.

See also
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What’s New In AutoCAD?

More than ever, you’ll have the most information at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to have data-rich, powerful CAD drawings that will support both your design and operations.

Create documents for your desktop and cloud apps. In this release, we’re making it easier to get the most out of your AutoCAD drawings in the cloud. With a new Share and Sync feature, you can access your cloud drawing repositories on any device.

And, AutoCAD is now a universal app, so you can access your drawings on your desktop and a mobile device and in the cloud, all with a single license.

Redesigned Visual Styles:

Easily apply visual styles across drawing areas or all over the drawing. Quickly choose visual styles based on features you create and watch as styles and strokes appear automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keep your workflow consistent and organized with a new user interface. The toolbars on the right are back to let you access common tools and customize your interface.

New multitouch gestures make it easier to quickly create, edit, and view edits to drawings. New quick-access commands are available on your drawing area and in any context, letting you create, edit, and view your drawings faster than ever.

With integrated command line tools, you can now access all the commands available to you from the command line, including the commands provided in the new command line options area.

Do you want to make customizations to the Quick Access Toolbar? In the new Options area, you can now create and customize your Quick Access Toolbar with ease.

Windows has always had an advantage over Mac when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. That is until now. With the release of AutoCAD 2023, Windows users now have access to the same keyboard shortcuts that Mac users have had since AutoCAD 15. So now, you’ll have an advantage over Mac users when it comes to speeding up your workflow.

Adding, Editing and Deleting objects:

Easily add or remove objects or edit their properties. In a single step, you can add or remove the objects, edit their properties, or convert them into other types of objects.

The Convert Objects tool lets you easily convert objects to or from other types of objects, such as parametric and nonparametric, local and global coordinates, and polylines and arcs.

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