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Features of AutoCAD:

● Display, edit and analyze vector and non-vector drawings

● Vector and non-vector editing tools

● Desktop publishing and publishing on the web

● Modeling and simulation

● Paper models and drawings

● Virtual collaboration

● DWF and PDF support

● SmartCAD and SmartPDF support

● Integration with applications

● Office integration

● Architecture and engineering

● Reverse engineering

● Scrapbook

● Blocks

● Renderings

● Layouts

● Scripting

● Macro

● Import and export

● Cross-platform development

● Reverse engineering

● Built-in animation

● Auto-architecture

● CAD templates

● Physics modeling

● Geometric models

● SmartPlanes

● Rendering engines

● Printing

● Physics

● Mastering software

● Color management

● And more…

AutoCAD Compatibility:

● Windows: 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

● Mac: OS X 10.4.7 and later

● Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 and later

● Android: 5.0 and later

● iOS: 7.0 and later

● BlackBerry: 7.0 and later

● Palm: Tungsten: V, VII, X, Web OS 6.1 and later

● Google Android: 2.3.7 and later

● PlayStation 3: 4.0 and later

● Nintendo DS: 2.0 and later

● PSP: 1.0 and later

● Wii: 1.0 and later

● Xbox 360: 360 Games for Windows

● Xbox One: Xbox One games

● Smartphones: iOS 8 and later

● Tablets: Android 3.0 and later

AutoCAD Pricing:

● Personal Edition: free trial

● Ultimate Edition: $1100 per year

● Enterprise Edition: $1300 per year

● Add-On: $1400 per year

● Ultimate Add-On: $1500 per year

● Enterprise Add-On: $1700 per year

How to install AutoCAD?

Your AutoCAD installation depends on

AutoCAD 24.2 Crack + Keygen Full Version 2022

Related software

In addition to the base product, AutoCAD supports AutoCAD Add-ins, which are bundled extensions to the base AutoCAD product, including:

AutoCAD Forms (formerly named Acuform) — Forms creation, modification, and design — was previously a separate product, renamed to AutoCAD Forms. AutoCAD Forms became a stand-alone product on February 13, 2008. It is no longer being distributed with AutoCAD, but can still be downloaded from the AutoCAD Form website.
AutoCAD Images — Allows 3D surface modeling in a range of formats, including VRML, VRT, 3DS and IFC. It is available as both a standalone tool and as an AutoCAD add-in.
AutoCAD Measurement — Dimensional model creation, print planning and structural analysis.
AutoCAD Raster Graphics — Raster graphics and text import and export.
AutoCAD Vault (formerly named Acutiny) — A utility for viewing and saving local and remote files in a secure database that can be read and written by other programs.


AutoCAD logs both information and communications (such as emails, IM, etc.) between the product and the user. The exact logging procedure, and the location of the log files, varies by edition and operating system (OS). Also, the user can customize the logs to be directed to a particular location, be preserved on a disk, or be written to the hard disk drive. The log file size can be changed as well. There are two types of log files:

History log — This type of log records a transaction that was requested by the user. This type of log file is generally very large and archived daily to the hard drive.
Application log — This type of log records a transaction that was requested by the application. This type of log file is usually much smaller and does not need to be archived daily to the hard drive.

A history log for a specific item can be accessed through the Logs tool. Logs can be viewed by using the Logs window (tools | Logs). There are also options to navigate backwards and forwards through the history.

The most recent log file is the current log file. A log file can be opened using the Logs tool, by pressing Ctrl+M, or by going to Logs | Files. Log files can be removed from the hard drive using the Logs tool, by

AutoCAD 24.2 Free

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What’s New in the?

We’ve made the Markup data import feature even easier to use. Now, with just a few mouse clicks, you can import your feedback directly into your AutoCAD drawings. It’s as simple as that. You can import your feedback from a printed paper or from a PDF file. Or you can do it all at once from a scanned image, captured from your camera or scanner, of a printed paper. AutoCAD seamlessly imports your PDFs, images, and printed paper, preserving all of the original formatting and colors and providing the most accurate representations of the original source. It’s just that easy!

Now you can use your phone or tablet to make a quick change to a drawing. With the new Markup Assist feature, you can create a digital version of a paper drawing, capture a screen shot of your marked-up paper, and make the changes directly in your drawings. (video: 1:24 min.)

In the New Features section of the release notes, you’ll find full details on all of the new features. Check it out!

Select and Copy:

You can now select multiple paths, which you can then copy and paste to anywhere. This allows you to use one path in multiple places. (video: 3:09 min.)

Draw and Fill:

The new Draw and Fill feature provides a variety of new options to help you draw. You can use a variety of grips to draw, including quick and edit grips to make the creation and modification of your drawing faster than ever. (video: 1:32 min.)

New! You can now apply a stroke to lines or polylines. Strokes help to define the shapes of lines and objects in your drawing. They’re also a great way to add some style to your drawings. (video: 1:46 min.)

You can now select multiple blocks at one time. Previously, you had to select each block individually. Selecting multiple blocks can help reduce your overall number of edits. (video: 1:18 min.)

You can now fill Polyline objects with color, making it easier to see them in your drawings. (video: 1:27 min.)

Drawing User Interface:

The toolbars and user interface has been redesigned. The New UI tab on the User Interface page of the Options dialog displays options for the toolbar customization, drawing layers, measurement preferences,

System Requirements:

Comes with an internet connection and recommended hardware.

Minimum system requirements for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty:
CPU: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 – Intel’s Xeon is not supported.
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Videocard: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or compatible AMD Radeon HD 5000 or higher.
Wings of Liberty uses a unique version of the StarCraft II client. It’s not compatible with the StarCraft II client found on, and you will need to download and install a separate version of the client

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