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The primary goals of AutoCAD are to draw and draft architectural and civil engineering plans and drawings, create computer-aided mechanical designs, simulate product design and manufacturing processes, design digital mock-ups for production, and create technical and business drawings. AutoCAD is used by architects, civil engineers, mechanical designers, home designers, model builders, and other types of users who need to draw, draft, and create 2D and 3D graphics.

What are the differences between AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD 2018?

As the AutoCAD applications have evolved from a DOS, DOS Plus, and Windows 3.x operating system to Windows, Linux, and Mac, AutoCAD has added new features. This is why the application will vary from version to version.

AutoCAD 2017 comes with the following features:

Drawings are created from imported or data block objects.

Rotating and panning the screen allows for easier viewing and editing.

CAD viewports let you choose to view the screen in various modes, with different views, including duals, teams, history, and cloud.

CAD software offers different viewing modes, including toolbars, moules, palettes, floating toolbars, and schematics.

You can use the AutoCAD parametric tools and blocks to modify the geometric properties of objects in your drawing.

AutoCAD draws 3D objects, which allow you to view and edit a model from multiple angles.

AutoCAD users can easily load and edit files using tools such as read/write and importers/exporters.

As far as functions are concerned, AutoCAD 2017 comes with the following:

Use drag-and-drop or browse to import or export objects and drawings.

Set the orientation of an object.

Place a text or line annotation on a drawing.

Place a user-defined shape (polyline or polygon) on a drawing.

Select and export a named object or shape set.

Draw a path (polyline) or freehand path (freehand).

Create a split drawing from one or more files.

Draw a spline from a path.

Use the user interface to create a reference plane.

Use the coordinate system to set scale, orientation, and rotation.

Use the editor to draw and edit 3D objects.


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An architecture diagram is a drawing created with the AutoCAD Architecture module. It may include elements such as stairways, doors, ceilings, floors, and columns, but may also include other elements like electrical outlets, windows, or other architectural elements.

AutoCAD was one of the first 2D drafting programs to be enhanced for surveying, and to offer a feature set similar to those found in a full-featured GIS. Other similar features include:
Heightfields (using the Heightfield tool)
Multiple ground control points (points to check height and location of a vertical feature, which are then saved to a heightfield)
Projection, which allows users to convert a drawing from a plan to a perspective view, such as a map
Route lines and angles, used to create a plumb bob line from any one of the points of a selected route
A tool to create a plumb bob line or sighted angle from the midpoint of any 2 straight lines
Arc and radial tools used to create a circle (or section) line or arc (based on three control points)

To support engineering workflows, tools have also been added, like:
Sections, splines and arc/spline intersections
Engineering beams and connections
Elevation profiles
A 2D drafting tool to plan and generate elevation data for a profile, pipe, or bridge
Point tools to create points
Trace tools to draw a shape on a surface
Holes for valve plugs, lamp sockets, plumbing, and other mechanical forms

The interface allows many degrees of precision and realism. For example, to create a plumb bob line that is exact to a fractional millimeter, users must apply a suitable tolerance value to each point of the boundary of the desired section. Another example is to use a tape measure as a sight to create a sighted angle.

Freehand line drawing
The Freehand Line tool allows the user to draw freehand line segments. It is available on the Standard ribbon. It allows the user to move the pen at any time, but also to press a button to lock its position, stop the drawing, or erase it.

3D Modeling
AutoCAD LT 2D is a 2D only version of AutoCAD. It is available in 3D only, supporting 2D in all other cases. AutoCAD LT was succeeded by AutoCAD Architecture. The name is abbreviated to “AutoCAD” in

AutoCAD 21.0 Crack

# Updating the license key is not required when you install Autocad from a store.

In the recent years, Autodesk has tried to enhance the support to its Autocad users.

– As an additional safety feature, Autocad stores the license key locally.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import and markup include the ability to quickly add new layers, snap, and interconnect CAD elements.

Automatically add names and IDs to your design elements.

Reduce the number of additional steps when performing drawing tasks. For example, simply specify the tool-tip of a parameter when editing a line.

Measure and observe progress of a job with an interactive status bar.

Make changes to drawing steps with efficiency and precision.

Display the dimension guide, text styles, and annotations.

Add new layers from top to bottom.

Use document templates to make the most out of templates.

Open multi-page PDFs.

Rapidly add new layers and export entire drawing layouts.


Refresh and edit 2D AutoCAD layouts within a SketchUp model. Start from two layers of a SketchUp model and add layers and designs to your drawing.


Place, scale, align, and snap objects directly to SketchUp models.

Text styles:

Automatically add a line style from a font, image, and other text objects to text.

Create and save hundreds of text styles to reference them later.

Import and edit font shapes and images.

Create a standard font for your drawings.

Create a web font and share it with everyone.

Create a 3D model:

Import and export 3D models in any file format, or publish 3D models to SketchUp models.

Import SVG, OBJ, 3DS, and FBX files.

Export models to FBX files using just a few clicks.

Publish SketchUp models to your own personal website.

Publish SketchUp models to SketchUp Hubs to share with others.

Mesh library:

Extend your 3D model with built-in, modular parts.

Decide on the quality of parts and assign weight and friction to your model.

Choose a set of parts to use for future projects.

Import, edit, and publish a collection of parts.

Collections and Subsets:

Create a new Collection that you can use to access all of the tools in the

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
16 GB of available hard drive space
A graphics card with 512MB of VRAM
A dual-core Intel CPU running at 2.4GHz or faster
Recommended System Requirements:
A graphics card with 2GB of VRAM
A quad-core Intel CPU running at 3.0GHz or faster
The game will require a minimum of 30 GB of

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