Pinball Fx 2 Steam Cracked


Pinball Fx 2 Steam Cracked



The Pintard cracks the game, but is meant only for the emulator scene and when played with the full price version will allow you to play the full game and see a list of cracked tables (only 150 of them though, as stated in the readme).
The Zacarus author and those who contributed to it are under the impression that in all fairness the game was cracked in order to avoid the full license fees (of which there are none as far as I know, and perhaps this is the reason why the cracker targeted the tables, which at the time were only priced as individual tables – so they got only a portion of the money by using this approach).
With the Play FX3 version, even with the un-cracked tables, you can still play all the other cracked tables, but you will not be able to play the un-cracked (and in-development) tables. The only other way to play them is to find them on the Steam Workshop. The author of Zacarus thought this was unfair and did not like the notion of one group of people getting free access to the work of another group while paying for its own cracked version.
So, in order to play the full program you will need the cracked version (which as I understand it, is only available for Windows).

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Today’s Card Games – Cards for the Game Table

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scratch to win

How many of you have played cooleeze?
This is a game where you have to scratch a picture of your choice to win a prize.
How to Play:
1) Click on any of the 4 pictures to start a round and decide which picture you want to scratch. You can repeat the last picture that you’ve scratched.
2) As you are scratching, you have to press the up key to move the red marker. In the same way, you can press the down key to move the marker.


Today’s Card Games – Cards for the Game Table


Play and Win- Coins on your Favorite Games!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and welcome to SCRATCH my KID, the new card game for everyone.

Welcome to SCRATCH my KID, a card game where players scratch the edges of their cards to earn gold and sweet prizes!
You control the player in your game, his character and his movement through the game.

He can scratch gold coins (the higher the better) on his cards to collect it. He also can gain gold by scratching other players cards or cards of his own. The gold will be counted in your account, in real money, when the game is over.

The closer the edges are scratched, the more gold you get.

SCRATCH my KID is a 2 player game, and since there are 4 pictures, one for each player, you can play with your friends and team up together as well.

You scratch with your mouse, and you can scratch one or many cards at the same time.

You can control the speed you move, but it is better to move slowly to be able to scratch as many

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