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Samples of candidate reference materials are used to assess the performance of analytical instruments in laboratories worldwide. There are about 4,000 candidate reference materials maintained at an NIST-accredited laboratory facility in Gaithersburg, MD, USA. Currently, about two-thirds of this suite of candidate reference materials are commodity materials, and the remaining one-third are standards. The suite includes over 100 materials covering a range of materials, from GC columns to oral fluid constituents. Performance of these materials is assessed by traceability to the International System of Units (SI) and via a Quality Assurance Program. Additionally, a subset of reference materials is used for NIST intercomparison. This paper documents the relative differences in the chemical composition of approximately 25% of the candidate reference materials by gender. For approximately half of the candidate reference materials examined, there were statistically significant differences in the chemical composition (magnitude > or = 0.2%) between the male and female reference materials. While some of the differences can be rationalized based on expected gender differences (e.g. solubility of different chemical species), others appear to be unique to individual candidate materials. These gender differences in reference materials, which are of unknown origin, are discussed, and possible explanations are offered.Vienna, 14. April 2019

Senden Sie eine Reihe von Dokumenten an die Klassensprecherin, um Ihre Klassenfahrt zu beherrschen. Hierzu sind folgende Dokumente notwendig:

Brief von/ an Klassensprecherin

Benachrichtigung des Klassensprechers an allen Schüler/in

Notiz zur Klassenfahrt

Benachrichtigung der Klassensprecherin an alle Pflichtfahrer

Brief an d

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