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There are plenty of ways a song or sample can be made to sound good, but some samples are designed to make a record sound great. There are several songs that have used the technique of the miniranger effect to really shine. The following samples are designed with the miniranger effect in mind.

Dannye Kim – Sora · Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek · lilywhite – Say Anything · ppl – She · Patty Larkin – I Do Wanna Go Back · crikey – Salad Days · John & Mary – You Can Cry Anytime · jodeci – Going For The Shower
The miniranger effect in this song is used to highlight the feel of the song by pushing the climax of the song further back in time. If your microphone is a weak one, then this effect will be very noticeable.

The Death of Gratia Penniman · Asheru – D’Tic · chappy – Nostalgic · The Dreadnoughts – Perfume · naxtydays – Eskimo · respray – It’s A Joke · berlin – One Minute Man · Marco Faccone – My Son
The miniranger effect in this song is used to push the climax of the song further back in time. To hear the real full effect of the miniranger effect, you’ll have to hear it without any aditional effects in your headphones.

The Gift Of Gab · Gucci Mane – Conga · Danny Brown – Old · Quavo – Ballin’ On A Holiday · Gunna – Light On · T.I. – Lift Me Up · De-Schizoid Man – Novocaine · One Degree Of Separation- Grey
This sample is used to give the song a more retro sound, and the use of the miniranger effect is used to push the climax of the song further back in time. The miniranger effect is usually used when the full effect of the song isn’t needed.

Jerry Smith · J-Pop Song Name. Funky Rhythm. song. Also viewed 882 times. cubase7licenseactivationcode. 05aa. BUY CUBASE 7 8.
The slow mo effect is used to add delay to the

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