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Mspy Cracked Apk Full 336


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Olgana (Pavel Finkel)

Fondly no issues. I do not know also. The issue appears when you go to overlap the fields the UI goes through, and you can not get out of it.
When you cross the linked fields, the UI dissolves, but the screen does not appear again. It does not mean as that the screen has not been installed or something like this, because you just can not return.
I’ll even run out of money and all possible options, but nothing can be done. I’m afraid it does not seem to be a bad thing for most Android geeks, but it will be a huge mistake.

I guess it is no way to set the app to manual installation. When you launch the app, it asks for permission to install it in the next time, and if you click yes, app installs again and again.
I added a preference to allow manual installation.


garblekavy (Pawel Korn)

I’m trying to get my application automatically installed in case it doesn’t exist in the system. But it’s not working as expected:
To see if the app is already installed, I’m using START_STICKY flag:
mStartService = createChooser(ManualInstallService.class, “Choose if you want to install this application”);
mStartService.putExtra(ManualInstallService.EXTRA_REQUEST_CODE, 1);
startActivityForResult(mStartService, 1);

And in onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) I’m checking if the app was installed
if (requestCode == 1 && resultCode == RESULT_OK && data!= null) {
installApp(data.getStringExtra(ManualInstallService.EXTRA_DATA), “en_NZ”);



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Как сделать смену цвета текста блока при изменении класса

Есть div. В нем объявлено класс:
.checked {
background-color: #b63e2e;

Как при изменении класса.checked изменить цвет текста блока? То есть при нажатии на кнопку цвет текста меняется.


Если я правильно понял задачу, то тут нужно привязать некий событие к какому нибудь кнопке (а к той, которую будет нажат действие тоже делать нельзя) и при помощи набор

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