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The suicide in the 70’s has not been talked about in American culture for quite a long time. Often, it seems as if, the suicide of a person for which we feel sorry, is not even that important. In America, we are used to covering up serious historical memories, and in our culture, this is good to do. But what about some kind of negative warning? Through this manual, we want to remind ourselves of the suicide we will never know who died during that period, and that only an autopsy could reveal what had happened .
Jul 4, 2019
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Katalog Rezervnih Delova Imt 505

>Manual: Interviews with Suicide Success
>I’m a collector of death masks. I’m looking for an american death mask that says: ​’Suicide Success.’

Of course, I was astonished to find an american death mask that says: ​’Suicide Success.’…Only a few months earlier, a friend of mine had taken his own life and his mother found this mask…I realized I had to do something with this death mask, so I decided to place it on a coffee table…and people could come and examine the mask and read about the moment of death.

The few, short weeks had my fears melt away, and I began to play the role of a small monument. The suicide success words, in a public space, aroused the creativity of the atmosphere around me. The look of the mask was just perfect.

Also, I decided to make some small personifications of certain celebrities. One of them is a fictive and imaginary interview I gave with Barack Obama. I compare him to the poet and philosopher Pierre de Coubertin. Also, I compared the two golfers Donald Trump and Tiger Woods. The shadow of the suicide mask looked like a certain kind of hand.

All this, combined with the alphabetical structure of the masks, the letters, actually, are related to these people. Thomas Jefferson is written with a capital letter. The capital letter represents the transformation from being isolated to being integrated in society. From an individual to a being.

Ceremony & Occasion

Suicide is the last act a man http://antiquesanddecor.org/?p=3537


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Dearest Katalog Rezervnih Delova Za Imt 509 Đubbica, Mr. Iqbal, and Katalog Rezervnih Delova Za Imt 509 Vesna. In a drought country, people lack enough water to drink. Where can one find it?

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Katalog Rezervnih Delova Za Imt 509 Katalog Rezervnih Delova Imt 509. Imipole akademika nacadnik iz matematike nacadnika 3 8 9.
Katalog Rezervnih Delova Za Imt 509
Jun 14, 2017
Katalog Rezervnih Delova Za Imt 509
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