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I have an iPad and I have a laptop.

If a portable is best, I guess I’m an audio addict.

In the last few years, I acquired many components that are available only to the audio fanatic. Such as a preamp (IKEA Enscape), a cable separator (Nabila), a tube amplifier (a-300m with circuit board upgrade), lots of cables, all kinds of loudspeakers, and a whole lot of cabling.

My most prized possessions are the enclosure for the tube amplifier and the cables I use. Some people would call it a fetish, but I prefer to think of it as an addiction.

I’m not ashamed to admit it.

There are certain phases of addiction.

The first stage, like all addictive behavior, is denial. No I don’t need another tube amplifier, new cables, etc. If I don’t have these things, I’m not an audio fanatic. I need them to stay sane.

If denial doesn’t work, then acceptance must come into play. I love my gear. I need it. These things are part of who I am.

And then there’s the final stage…the holy grail. The “aha” moment when your gear and your audio becomes a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

When the final stage of addiction sets in, part of the joy of the experience is the “buzz” and the instant gratification that comes with the hunt. If I wasn’t able to find something that I like, it would be like losing a part of myself.

A few months ago, I attended a music show on the West Coast. Our hosts introduced the speakers and then there were about 15 minutes of silence as the crowd “waited” for the speakers to start playing.

I found this rather strange.

Sometimes when you’re enjoying yourself, it’s hard to sit through a long silence.

But, once the speakers started to play, everyone was riveted. The state of nature was interrupted by the sound and the feeling was palpable.

The show had been put on as a charity for


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I have used this video for my final semester Project. The theme I am about to tell you is about self esteem and how to get a positive outlook on life. Self Esteem is a state of mind that determines how you view yourself and your life. It is your feelings about yourself that is important, not your outward appearance. Your thoughts and how you think about yourself, is what will make a person become a successful one and live a productive life.
Some tips to increase self-esteem:
-Learn to be happy with what you have and yourself.
-Don’t compare your life to others.
-Don’t let your failures get you down
-Be proud of your accomplishments.
Don’t give up and take what you have for granted. Thank yourself everyday for doing good things to build self-esteem.

What is Self Esteem
Follow this Video
There are many other people who find trouble in their life and want help because they feel they can’t do anything to change their life and maybe someone will listen to you and help you. How important is self-esteem in a positive way? This Video will help you understand.

Samantha says “Self-esteem can be defined as a person’s opinion of
himself. We have an inner self-assessment that we use when we evaluate ourselves and, at times, it may not be what we’d like to hear.”
Many people think of self-esteem as self-confidence. How many times have you heard someone say:
‘I don’t see myself as a leader’.
The fact is that everyone has a leadership quality. It may take you 30 seconds to identify someone’s leadership qualities. A Leader is usually charismatic, good at organizing people, pro-active, good at business and an exceptional motivator.

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