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Category:Video games developed in Italy, but it offers a rare peek at people of colour during the American Civil War.


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6) He is just as gentle as his Latin name suggests

When we think of a superhero, usually the image that comes to mind is one of strength and invincibility. The Hulk is the first that comes to mind, and my absolute favourite example of just how silly that assumption is. Bruce Banner is as gentle as he is strong. Despite being made of the same material as the T-1000, he never moves with the smooth gliding motions of the robotic assassin. He reacts to his opponent’s strikes and lunges with spastic jerks. But he never moves in a way that will cause injury. He simply is gentle, and gentle movements are those that are strongest.

7) The rich history of colourism

The term is coined from the black-skinned slaves who were fascinated with the lighter-skinned Africans, creating a system of preference. The French term is ‘bleu comme le blanc’ (blue as white) and this is the root of the psychological ideas behind colourism. These ideas have been the basis of countless movie scripts in the last century, with characters of African descent being subtly played with dark colours (redolence) to achieve an objective.

8) Psychedelic colours

The vibrant colours of the love child of the hippies and the flower children. The psychedelic pigments with their rainbow-like hues are a glorious, beautiful part of art and designer Abigail Ross. Psychedelic rock is not just a musical genre, but a philosophy of living. The colors are produced from the ingestion of substances that stimulate the visual system of the brain. The range of colours are enhanced by the body’s natural reactions of heat and nerves and create a range of emotions.

9) Big or small, the choices are all here

We’ve all heard about the small world theory (vastly popularized by David de Rothschild) and it’s hard to disagree. What it really means is that all the small details that you know about your acquaintances, even your enemies (


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