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In the noughties, there wasn’t such a huge selection in terms of books. And the books weren’t very popular either. I am also not a fan of reading, but this author has something sunk into my head. All the same, that world there was practically no different in abundance on the bookshelves, there were books that then infuriated. In general, I really liked it. If I can, I’ll read it.
Librarian (Christina) (deKARTER) (FLTW) (YARC) (TFLR) (TERMINAL) P.S. Thank you dear authors, in the near future I will buy myself some kind of translation.
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Be healthy, buddy! Be so healthy that you don’t get sick! This is the duty of a doctor and for me too!
Note from “a” student
From September 1, we will all be sent to school again! It seems to me that in 3 years I did not have time to learn and master everything …
Although it was not such a vacation!
Getting ready for exams and work.
How often do you do homework (with parental guidance)? I never. My parents reworked me in a notebook. I did this as a child too. I didn’t like it. Now I understand that it worked for me. The quality of my knowledge is very different from school.
I love to learn, but I don’t like to see stamps where they shouldn’t be.
There are people who manage, after they receive a diploma, to hold on to the end, and look at everything positively.
What can you advise to those who nevertheless finished their studies and did not find application for their knowledge?
Get out of your comfort zone more often. Waking up in the morning and not “getting hung up” on some thought. Think out loud when you are alone.
Continue learning. Force yourself to do it through “I don’t want”, “I can’t”.
Look for new opportunities.
Understand that you will not be able to be a sought-after specialist without a diploma. During a crisis, all companies will lay off employees. This means that you are ready for any trials that life throws at you.
Look for vacancies not only on the Internet, but contact organizations directly.
Yes, I want to go on vacation
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