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Very new to Hindi cinema, I saw the movie “Don” in the 70s. I thought: “I would also like to go to India and see another film by the same director.” In the first few weeks, I changed three films. The first week I went to the cinema every weekend, and then my time came. Now I am one of those who is watching what is happening on the screen. I can’t say that I am in the center of events, but I like to be “on the front line” and watch the developments. – At the age of 13 you wrote your first script. – Yes. And at the age of 16, I wrote the lead role and starred in the TV show The Next Day, which was produced by my father. – Do you really believe that you could shoot “Don”? – I believe in it. – And do you believe that the film business can become accessible to everyone? – Certainly. Today it seems to me that Indians love and support films in which guys from working families play. Many children who grew up and study in India are very attached to films that their parents like. They worry about the fate of the heroes when they drown or suffer. Interestingly, many Indian producers are distant relatives of film producers. – I heard that you wanted to make a film with Gerard Depardieu. What does it mean? – Honestly, I have not seen him, but I believe that he could play in one of the films in which he would be filmed in India. “Those titles that I don’t want to show” – Do you have any favorite films? And how do you feel about the fact that the audience sees Hindustani titles on them? – I like to watch films with Glenn Ford. We are very similar in mentality. I like the way he speaks. I even thought that during the filming he was embarrassed. He always tried to speak with an English accent. And it’s very strange. When Glen read his books in India and was nominated for an Oscar, he gave everyone his business card with a code. She is exactly the same as mine. Two years ago I was in India on the occasion of the Golden Panda. It was my debut visit to the country. I was a little worried. There was an “angry dog” Anita, who I thought was very angry. Since I didn’t want to create problems for myself there, I immediately ran away. – You’re all filming with a hind-size camera



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