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Password protect folders and encrypt files to prevent unauthorized access.
Create master passwords for folders and files on your PC to prevent unauthorized access.
Encrypt files and send passwords to e-mail.
Create encrypted ZIP archives with password protection.
Lock folders to prevent unauthorized access.
List encryption and password protected folders.
Show the size and total size of the locked items.
It is not possible to move, rename or delete locked folders or files.
It is not possible to specify the path of locked folders or files.
Is only compatible with Windows systems.
Is only compatible with 32 bit operating systems.
Is only compatible with 32 bit browsers.
Is only compatible with Windows 98 and higher.
Is only compatible with Windows 2000 and higher.
Is only compatible with Windows XP and higher.
Requires Microsoft.Net Framework.
Requires Internet Explorer.
Requires Windows Media Player or any other media player.
Requires Chrome or Chromium.
This software is a copy protection system which is, unfortunately, implemented in a simple way, as the developers’ needs were restricted by the license agreement.

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Folder Spark Crack +

Locks folders using a master password so that users cannot access them. Applies to any folder on your PC. Does not leave any record of locked folders. Doesn’t require any changes to the registry.
⌘ + click or right-click to open.
⌘ + click or right-click to save.
⌘ + click or right-click to change permissions.
◾ drag to move.
⌘ + click or right-click to exit.
Portable application (runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8)
Download and save to a folder.
Run file and follow the instructions to install the program.
If you are having problems, you can download the installer here.
• Select the file, then click Remove.
• Confirm by clicking OK, then the program will uninstall itself.
• Check the program folder, and all files will be deleted.
• You will need to create a master password.
• Folder Spark does not have the option to set a default key, so be sure to save the key to a secure location.
• This is a portable application. There is no need to install it to your hard drive.
• All files, folders, and registry entries will remain intact after deletion. You can run the program again at any time.
• Viewers might be required to install additional software after they open the File Spark’s Lock folder.
• Folder Spark uses the Drive Folder Removable Storage feature.
• If you have the For Your Information feature in Firefox checked, you will receive a message during folder locking.
Home | Privacy | Terms | Report a problem
You are receiving this Policy Statement because you downloaded the File Spark (FS). Clicking continue will show this message to you again. This program is being distributed by its developers in the hope that it may be useful, but without an experience with File Spark, there is no guarantee that it will be useful to you. You are free to discontinue your use of the File Spark for any reason, at any time, without giving any reason for the discontinuation.
We encourage you to read this statement carefully. If you have any questions about this Statement, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.
You are downloading the File Spark. You should not use File Spark on a computer that you do not own or that is not intended for

Folder Spark

Folder Spark is a simple yet smart application that enables you to lock folders to prevent unauthorized access and share content safely. It comes with a basic set of features and a simplistic GUI.

Monitoring and reporting

Once you have created the lock password, you can use Folder Spark to lock or unlock folders any number of times. While this is exactly what you would expect from a folder locker, the application also features a built-in monitoring system, which enables you to track the status of each item that you have set to be password protected.
You can view the status of each folder at any time, and even check the log files to get an idea of what other people are doing with your hard drive. It doesn’t come with a password recovery feature, which may or may not be an important item for you depending on how many folders you have locked and how much data is stored on your PC.
Folder Spark – Download

Folder Spark is a simple yet smart application that enables you to lock folders to prevent unauthorized access and share content safely. It comes with a basic set of features and a simplistic GUI.

Folder Spark – Features

Folder Spark features

Lock folders

You can select any folder on your PC and lock it using the application. Users won’t be able to open the folder until it’s unlocked, but no record of locked folders is kept by the application.

Folder Spark – Folders

Folder Spark gives users the ability to set up folder lockers for any folder on their PC. As long as a folder is unlocked, it can be accessed by all users on the PC.

Folder Spark – Password

Folder Spark allows users to use a master password to protect any folder or file. This includes locking a folder, changing a password or sending a password to a specified email address when an item is encrypted.

Folder Spark – Log

A log allows you to view and monitor changes to locked folders. You can even access the log by using the Folder Spark or FTP clients if you have them installed.

Folder Spark – Help

Folder Spark offers a few sections that explain various features of the app and how to use them.


Folder Spark is a simple yet smart application that enables you to lock folders to prevent unauthorized access and share content safely. It comes with a basic set of features and a simplistic GUI.

Folder Spark – Folder

Folder Spark gives users the ability to set up

What’s New in the Folder Spark?

Folder Spark is a simple yet powerful file locker that can be used in conjunction with any PC. The program allows you to encrypt folders and share and send password-protected files safely to remote computer.

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Compress files without data loss
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File Taming is available for download free of charge, and there is no need to register or provide any personal information

System Requirements For Folder Spark:

OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 SP1
PROCESSOR: 1.0 GHz Pentium 4 Processor (AMD Athlon 64 and Celeron are also supported.)
DIRECTX: Version 9 or later
As of November 2016:
NVIDIA: NVIDIA GT 610 (GT 730 and GTX 960 are supported), NVIDIA GT 620, NVIDIA GT 630, NVIDIA GT 640

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