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ProxyVoyager Crack + For Windows

– Built-in proxy auto-configurations
– Allows to select one of 10 preconfigured proxy server
– Supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols
– Works with secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocol
– Accommodates IPv4 and IPv6 (IPv4/IPv6) protocols
– You can choose use IPv4 or IPv6 protocols
– Shows you proxy servers used when you browse the Web
– Switch from one proxy server to another with one click
– Allows to change proxy server manually
– Blocks access to unauthorized proxy servers
– Works in the background without user’s interference
ProxyVoyager is a free and lightweight proxy changer.
How to Install the Free ProxyVoyager Download From the Internet
1. To install the ProxyVoyager program, it is necessary to create an administrative folder with a name, for example ProxyVoyager (desktop environment). If you don’t know how to do this, please read our article about creating administrative folder.
2. After this, the file ProxyVoyager.exe should be downloaded from the Internet.
3. The file should be extracted from the archive into the selected folder.
4. The new application is displayed.
5. The program is to be closed.
6. After closing the application, an icon of the application is displayed on the desktop and in the Start menu.
How to Activate ProxyVoyager Free Download
1. Click on the icon of the application ProxyVoyager on the desktop (the folder proxyVoyager (desktop environment)) and press “OK” to activate the ProxyVoyager.
How to Use ProxyVoyager Free
1. After installing, you must activate the Proxifier program.
2. Right-click on the program icon and click “Preferences”.
3. At the top of the window opens configuration options to configure the program.
4. In the “Configuration Options” window, it is necessary to specify the address and port of the proxy server.
5. Select one proxy server among the list and press “OK” to save the settings.
6. The address and port of the proxy server will be listed on the “Proxy Servers” tab.
7. Press “OK” to apply all changes.

There are moments when you have to remain anonymous while visiting some web sites. ProxyVoyager will help you to keep anonymity on the


– Switch proxy servers for any browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera,…
– Switch proxy servers from different countries: any country
– Change proxy server to specific IP address
– ProxyVoyager 2022 Crack will switch proxy servers automatically between applications that you use
– Speed Up Internet Connection
– Use your own proxy server on the same network.
– Use it during office work and download files without risking your office IP and firewalls
– Only 1 license required
Download ProxyVoyager To:
ProxyVoyager Version:
Free Trial. Remove Trial Ads. No Due Date. No Credit Card Needed.Payment Details:
Weekly Payment Plan. The first payment for License. The last payment is 7 days before the expiration of the License.Cancel Anytime.
Annual Subscription. License costs are 13.99/year. Every new user may buy the subscription for FREE for lifetime.
ProxyVoyager Short Description:
Use one or many proxy servers to browse the Internet anonymously and quickly. Now you can use your own proxy servers on the same network.
Use your own proxy servers on the same network.
You can switch proxy servers for any browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera,…
Use any country proxy servers
Use proxy servers in different countries: any country
ProxyVoyager Review:
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RE: ProxyVoyager Uninstaller
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ProxyVoyager Free Download

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What’s New In?

ProxyVoyager is a powerful utility designed to quickly switch proxy server when visiting unencrypted web sites. Its main function is to quickly switch proxy server from your network connection to others without interrupting your browsing sessions.
To provide maximum access to the Internet through changing proxy server, ProxyVoyager uses the same technique as the Internet Explorer does to maintain unlimited number of simultaneous web page connections.
With ProxyVoyager you can configure proxy servers for all applications that supports proxy on your computer.
How is ProxyVoyager Works:
ProxyVoyager simply lets you choose the proxy address of the website you want to visit from a list of available proxy servers. When you visit this website through it’s interface, ProxyVoyager will automatically change your proxy address. ProxyVoyager also supports proxy switching in background mode so you will never be required to wait for the switch if you have ProxyVoyager set to do so.
Using ProxyVoyager:
To use ProxyVoyager simply click on one of the options from the main window and select the Proxy address you want from the list provided. ProxyVoyager will then switch the proxy server on the specified internet connection. To stop ProxyVoyager from switching the proxy, simply unselect the proxy from the main window. Click on the “Apply” button to return to the main window with the current proxy selection.
Proxy servers:
ProxyVoyager has been developed with multiple standard proxy servers so you can enjoy unlimited proxy switching through one website. You can select one of the available proxy servers from the main window on the left.
When using a standard proxy, ProxyVoyager will use the same technique as Internet Explorer when maintaining unlimited simultaneous web connection to a website.
Additionally, ProxyVoyager also supports automatic proxy switching in the background so you will never be required to switch proxy servers manually. This feature is enabled in the main window on the left.
How to change Proxy servers through ProxyVoyager:
If you would like to specify a proxy for a specific application that does not natively support changing proxy servers from within the program, you can configure it through ProxyVoyager.
First, we need to switch to the “Settings” tab. Then we will edit the profile for whichever application we’d like to change through ProxyVoyager. We can use the “Edit” button next to the “Proxy”

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Version tested: 1.0.4
Minimum required video card: NVidia 650m or equivalent
Minimum required processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Athlon II X4 630
Network Adapter:
Minimum required internet connection: 1Mbit/s download & 500Kbit/s upload
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard drive: 40GB available space
Display: 1280×800 screen resolution

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