View Page Archive Cache For Firefox Crack [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

There might be situations when some specific sites are down or might even be gone for good. However, search engines and web hosts keep a record of web pages, something that we know as page archive. Also, the servers keep a site's cache copy.
These two elements, the page archive and cache, make up for the so-called Archived Internet. With View Page Archive & Cache, you can easily access the archived copies of your favorite sites to see how they looked at various moments during their lifetime.
The extension supports a multitude of search engines
The app uses the following archive search engines as its sources for cache and archived sites: Google Cache, Bing Cache, Wayback Machine, Memento Time Travel, WebCite,, Exalead Cache, Gigablast Cache, Qihoo 360 Search Snapshot, Sogou Snapshot, Naver Cache, Sogou Snapshot, Yahoo Japan Cache, and Megalodon.
Armin Sebastian, the developer of the extension, is frequently updating this app with new fixes, engines, and other improvements, so we should keep an eye on future releases of the View Page Archive & Cache extension for Firefox.
View Page Archive & Cache comes with some interesting settings
In addition to being a reliable page archive and cache searching app, this extension allows users to choose where to look for the websites' cache copies and archives.
To reach the Options menu of the app, you should right-click its icon and go to Manage Extension. Once you're there, click the three-dotted icon in the right and select Options.
Under that menu, you'll be able to choose which search engines to use to look for page archive and cache. You can also tweak some other settings, such as the visibility for the links in the context menu and browser toolbar-related stuff.
In conclusion, the extension works smoothly and provides a simple method of searching and viewing sites' archives and cache copies.







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System Requirements:

Dota 2 and Dota 2: The International (included)
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Six to ten players
Minimum requirements:
1 GHz processor or better
Windows 7 or later
6 GB free space on drive
6 GB free

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