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Any FLV Player is an application that allows you to play video files of the FLV format and publish them on the web.
The software's interface is clean and simple. You can import FLVs by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method.
So, you can use basic media player tools, such as pause and stop, switch to full-screen mode, increase or decrease the volume and jump to a particular frame in the track.
But you can also create and edit playlists, open a video file from a URL and publish an FLV for the web (optionally with a customizable theme), by specifying the HTML file, player file name, FLV video URL, size and output destination.
In addition, you can import FLV metadata, set the tool to copy the video file to the output folder, automatically play at the beginning and rewind at the end, as well as customize Any FLV Player (e.g. control panel position, player theme).
The software takes up a very low amount of system CPU and memory. We haven't come across any errors during our tests since Any FLV Player ran smoothly. It didn't freeze or crash but there is no help file at your disposal.
The bottom line is that Any FLV Player is an excellent tool for playing and publishing FLV files and we definitely recommend it to all users.







Any FLV Player Crack + Activation Key X64

– Works on Win98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
– Runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
– Saves FLV files and publishes them for the web, using HTML/CSS/JS.
– Generates high-quality output (24-bit FLV/F4V).
– Works with Netflix, Youtube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, MySpace.
– Plays FLV files from local drives.
– Small size and excellent output quality.
– No adware, no hidden software, no spyware, no malware.
– Free version has no ads and limited features.
– 100% safe, privacy-friendly and watermark-free.
– Uses a technology based on a patent of the American TV company Motorola (NO FIJA).
– All rights reserved. (c)
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Any FLV Player

4 FLV player
Drag and drop to import video files
Auto-play at the beginning and rewind
Create and publish simple video files
Select/Edit video file from URL
Set the output folder
Customize interface
Create and edit metadata
Media information support
Website builder
Compatible with Adobe FlashPlayer, Windows MediaPlayer, QuickTime and Sun/Netscape Player.


Hey I found a really useful FLV video sharing tool here. It lets you upload your files and download video for free.

Files can be uploaded from local drive. You can add up to 3 servers to upload from.
Gets video info from URL.
Website builder (HTML)
Drag & drop to import videos.
Supports HTML5 and SWF.
Supports XSP and PHP


If you want to remove the tool
toolbar, you can turn it on
from’setting’ if you are using
Google Chrome. But it won’t show on
Mozilla Firefox.
It’s open source so you can
customize it to your needs. 🙂
It’s in greek right now so here is a link to it.


As I am an FLV developer, I will try to answer your question! I would like to ask if you are looking for a FLV Player or video creator? It is difficult to define what exactly you are looking for.
If you are looking for a FLV Player:
Try this free FLV Player for Windows.
If you are looking for a video creator:
Try this free FLV video creator.

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Any FLV Player With License Key Download

Easy to use FLV player. Have fun playing FLV video files!
FLV is a Flash video format that was released by Adobe Systems in 2005.
While it has the same basic capabilities as other video formats, it has a number of advantages over them.
FLV is free for most users. It is played using Adobe Flash Player, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
FLV uses very little system memory and CPU. Since Flash Player is also free, there is no need to pay for a software development license.
FLV supports many different video formats. It is also a cross-compatibility format. You can play FLV files using any player that supports the Flash format.
FLV is cross-platform. It can be played on any PC or MAC that supports Flash Player. It can also be played on a smartphone or other mobile device that has Flash Player or supports other cross-platform video formats.
FLV files can be streamed and stored. When using the Internet, they can be stored on your local computer and streamed from there to the Flash Player-enabled device.
Any FLV Player Pro Edition – All the above FLV player features are included and below listed features also included :
– Convert up to 99 video and audio files to FLV format (Download any Video to FLV Converter)
– Any FLV Converter supports to Convert Video to FLV files with Ease
– support any video and audio convertors and download videos
– Convert any Video to FLV with Any FLV Converter
– Convert and Download Video to FLV with Any FLV Converter
– You can Convert Video with Any FLV Converter to any other formats like AVI, MPEG, MP3, 3GP, 3G2, MP4, RM, WAV, H264, and DVX
– Convert Video to FLV with Any FLV Converter
– Convert Video to FLV and extract audio to MP3 with Any FLV Converter
– Extract MP3 from FLV to convert and convert video to FLV with Any FLV Converter
– Convert video to FLV file format from any video with Any FLV Converter
– Convert video to FLV file from any video with Any FLV Converter
– Convert and download any video with Any FLV Converter
– Extracted audio from video files and convert to MP3 with Any FLV Converter
– Extract video from MP4 files and convert to

What’s New In Any FLV Player?

* Gives you a chance to watch our movies and series on any mobile device by using mobile streaming devices or streaming application.
* It’s very easy to use because it is designed for the novice and expert user.
* You can enjoy movies with the cloud connection.
* With the help of our intelligent personal player, you will have more chance to enjoy the movies.
* It is the only streaming application that can play almost all the videos on the cloud and TV directly.
* By using our intelligent personal player, you can enjoy not only the movies but also music and other videos on TV and the cloud without buffering
* It supports the most widely used video formats such as MP4, 3GP, M4A, AVI, MOV, WMV,
* You can easily download or watch videos on mobile and tablet with the offline video player.
* It helps you to create a playlist with your favorite songs and watch them offline.
* It’s a wonderful world of entertainment, because we made special “Experience” effects

– There are many application for watching online movies at internet in the free download but there is no any application of watching the video at youtube…that’s why we created this application.
– It supports almost all the audio and video codecs.
– Watch in the less expensive
– Personalized: you can watch the videos offline.
– Now You can easily be smart
– Youtube video is compatible with the cloud connection, you can enjoy watching the videos from TV directly.
– Now, Youtube video is more friendly with you.
– if you want to play the music when watching movies.
– You can make a playlist that you have
– Watch videos, songs offline.
– Auto copy videos to the smartphone by a specific folder.
– Offline video player with the automatic playlist help you to watch the video when there is no the internet connection.
– With your customizable effects and video effects
– Now, you can also edit your video
– Playlist,
– Auto Copy,
– Record,
– You can make a play with an interface,
– It’s a Wonderful world,
– Enjoy all videos on the TV and the cloud.
– Now, You can enjoy directly from YouTube
– Updated list of videos(720p/1080p)

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System Requirements For Any FLV Player:

iPad Pro 13 (11-inch)
Mac computer (OS X version 10.11.5 or later)
USB-C, USB-A or Lightning Connector Cable
While all the content is built for the new iPad Pro and Mac Pro models, at the moment most of the content and features will only work on the 13.3-inch models. This includes the use of the new iPad Pro features, including the Face ID, Smart Connector, True Tone Display, Wacom Pencil and others. But we will be adding new content

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