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The MIDInight Express is a wavetable-based MIDI player and MIDI to WAV renderer. It currently supports 32 instruments, all sounding perfect on the original Mellosoftron III. It can store your own patches and sounds in the PRG format used by the Mellosoftron III and WAVmaker III, allowing you to take full advantage of the Mellosoftron’s patch editing capabilities for the creation of your own unique MIDI instruments.
It has a high quality mixer which allows you to adjust all 16 channels of PCM data, and control the various buses. Unlike the Mellosoftron III, which has 2 buses, the MIDInight Express has 4 buses to combine the left and right channels into a single stereo bus. You can route the stereo bus via bus 1, 2, or 3.
The MIDI to WAV converter can output to any WAV file format including WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, ALAC, AU. The choice is yours!
The MIDI to WAV converter allows sample rate conversion from one sample rate to another, and supports the use of parameter lists to set up the sample rate conversion.
The MIDI to WAV converter is a very fast converter that allows you to convert thousands of MIDI files per second.
MIDInight Express Technical Features:
· 5 separate instruments
· 16 separate patches
· support for all 16 patches on the Mellosoftron III.
· 4 bus mixer with 16 channels
· 16-bit sound card, no sound card is required.
· WAV file output supporting WAV, WMA, ALAC, MP3, AU.
· 1024 file size limit
· Up to 841 KHz sample rate conversion support
· up to 959 patches per bank.
· 192 patches in 32 banks
· support for all MIDI standards including GUS, G2, GS, SCM, and GSE.
· 3203 control programs supported by on-screen help.
· MIDI input up to 192 via IEC958 on the Sound Bus.
· MPE (Microsoft Portable Executable) support for the PRG format.
· Direct sound controller connection to the Mellosoftron III.
· keyboard and mouse support.
· 128 and 256 sample file import supported.
· hardware floating point FPU (high performance sound) is not required.
· hardware windowed mixer with full screen view.
· optional MIDI extension support to communicate with other

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· 10 WAV file types are supported: WAV, AU, AIFF, CINE, IRCAM, MP3, RA, RAM, S3M, and SMF.
· Each sample is analyzed, and a quality factor assigned to it. The best sounds are given a quality factor of 12.
· Each sounds in the sequence is converted to a string of data that is then written to disk as a WAVE file
The MIDI Inight Express is an Open Source, Freeware Digital Sound Instrument that supports the MCE Synthesizer and Samplecyber, is designed specifically for the DIY / Electronic Music Producer or Musician.
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to WAV renderer, complete with WAV header editing and MIDI backtracking
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to WAV converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to WAV can be used to record a MIDI file to disk before transforming it
· OPTIONAL – MIDI Loopback feature allowing you to record the same MIDI track (or instrument) several times and combine the result later
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to DAW is an add-on module for loading MIDInight Express Product Key MIDI
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MIDI Conversion tool converts other MIDI files to the MIDInight Express patch format
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to CSV String conversion tool reads a MIDI file in the MIDInight Express patch format and writes a comma-separated string to a CSV file.
· OPTIONAL – CUE marker based MIDI editor
· OPTIONAL – MIDI instrument list. Allows you to list your instruments in your bank, and play them, without having to enter each individual instrument via the keyboard
· OPTIONAL – WAV Sample Synthesis, which allows you to generate a new WAV file with the same sound parameters as any MIDI instrument in your bank.
· OPTIONAL – MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to SMF Conversion
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to MP3 Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to WAV Converter
· OPTIONAL – MIDI to WAV Converter

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Multifunctional MIDI/WAV player with lots of features.
Running software is minimal, not requiring a full sound card, and not using disk space
for sample data. The sample data is stored in memory instead.
The MIDInight Express is multi-channel: 12 voices (12 MIDI channels) + mute, 18 voices (18 MIDI channels) + mute.
It supports polyphonic/unison/dual harmony, with a support for chord change.
It supports unlimited polyphonic voices, unlimited pianos (dots per octave),
and unlimited drum groups per song.
It can be used as a very fast and powerful MIDI player to record MIDI data and save to WAV.
It can also be used as a drum machine to record multiple copies of MIDI drum data and save
the results to WAV.
It can also be used as a synthesizer to generate both WAV and MIDI data.
The sound source is a wavetable synthesizer. No external sound card required. You can choose between 16-bit samples at 22050Hz or 24-bit samples at 44100Hz.
The sound engine is capable of producing any mix of samples you request from a variety of sample sources, including the Mellosoftron III, Mellotron Major, WAVmaker III, and your own sample library. It supports 16-bit samples at 22050Hz or 24-bit samples at 44100Hz. The effect engine uses an advanced digital effect processor to produce special effects.
The MIDI engine provides both high speed MIDI performance (fast track editing), and high fidelity note/channel/key tracking. It supports an unlimited number of musical streams in real-time.
The MIDI to WAV converter supports import from various MIDI drivers including custom ones, MIDI patterns, or MIDI sequencers.
The MIDI to WAV converter can also generate WAV files via RT functions, e.g. play to a preset tempo, randomize, and sequencer. It can also automatically create WAV files based on WAV files you have loaded to the WAV file path.
The MP3 player can play MIDI files directly, or you can play/edit MIDI using the MP3 player as your MIDI keyboard.
It has a comprehensive monitor control section for tweaking the sound and monitor parameters.
The MIDI engine and WAV engine can be configured to any output frequency, and the monitor and effects engines can also be set to any value.
The MIDI performance engine supports

What’s New in the MIDInight Express?

· Playback of MIDI messages
· Fast MIDI to WAV renderer
· WAV format playback
· Midi to WAV file converter.
· Customizable graphical interface.
· Enhanced audio quality through hardware-based 3D DSP.
· Supports the extended PRG format used by Mellosoftron III and WAVmaker III.
· The MIDI engine has been redesigned to incorporate 3D spatialization and reverb.
· The MIDI engine supports MIDI note-on, note-off, control change and channel messages as well as instrument mapping.
· MIDI data can be fed into the program from other MIDI devices, sample player modules, or real instruments.
· MIDI-IN and MIDI clock signals can be routed independently or routed together.
· The MIDI engine has been redesigned to support programmable channels and keys. The channel can be used to trigger note on, note off, or data messages sent to an external MIDI synthesizer or music program.
· Channel settings can be saved and recalled.
· The MIDI clock can be routed and can be set to a different clock source (external oscillator, master clock, MIDI clock, etc.).
· MIDI clock sync can be selected for both I/O data and instrument data.
· Note on and note off data can be selected as to whether notes are signaled before, during or after a note.
· Instruments can be mapped.
· Level meters can be displayed for each channel.
· Midi and status reports are provided.
· Global and Channel specific parameters can be adjusted and saved.
· Output can be resampled to higher output rates.
· The maximum number of notes, channels, and instrument can be limited to save memory.
· File import and export features allow any kind of file to be imported or exported.
· Program can be run in windowed mode, or in a console.
· Sound engine is designed to use the whole of your disk and your PC’s memory as sample storage.
· Multiple instruments can be sequenced together.
· Global program parameters can be saved and recalled.
· MIDI port-outs are possible from the program.
· Samples may be unloaded/loaded and compressed/decompressed while the program is running.
· Preload and message idle flag can be toggled.
· External MIDI in ports can be mapped.
· Samples may be imported or exported through the program.
· OpenGL or DirectX graphic card acceleration is

System Requirements:

Mac OS X v10.9.3 (Mountain Lion) or later
Windows XP SP3 or later
Core 2 Duo / Core Duo 2 / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Extreme
2 GB (32-bit) / 4 GB (64-bit)
(32-bit) / (64-bit)
Hard Disk:
80 GB (32-bit) / 120 GB (64-bit)
Intel HD


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