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Active E-Book Compiler Crack Download

Active E-Book Compiler Free Download is a powerful and easy to use electronic publisher’s tool that quickly and easily allows you to create high-quality E-Books.
Build your own electronic publishing environment – Right from the start – without learning a new programming language or confusing technical requirements.
Turnkey system – There are absolutely no on-going fees to use the system.
Royalty Free: There are absolutely no royalties or on-going fees to use the system.
You do not have to know HTML or other programming languages to use the software. It’s really that simple.
Zero cost products – Each E-Book is a Windows application and is available on any media you like.
Create as many E-Books as you want – Create as many E-Books as you like.
Create quality E-Books in a matter of minutes – Start using the software today.
Create online applications – Use standard HTML features to include links to relevant web sites in your E-Book.
Internet linking – Use standard HTML features to include links to relevant web sites in your E-Book.
Create branded, royalty-free E-Books – You can give them away or charge a fee for them.
HTML Protection – The compiler allows you to protect your HTML source – which prevents thieves from stealing your valuable page designs.
Create and give away free E-Books – Give away or charge a fee for them.
Create award-winning E-Books – The compiler’s E-Book editor is especially designed for creating E-Books for the Internet.
Icon Customization – Create unique icons for your E-Books.
Create applications that do whatever you want – Create a kiosk-style E-Book – Create a splash screen or popup message box.
Create floating E-Books – Want to showcase your E-Book on a user’s desktop? With the compiler’s added “floating” feature, you can do so.
Integrate with IconMyWorld – If you also use IconMyWorld, you can link items from your E-Books directly to your IconMyWorld page.
File compression – When you create an e-Book, the compiler automatically compresses all your files – which significantly reducing the file size and making it easy and quick for users to download your E-Books.
Integrity self-check – The compiler perform a self-test on startup. If you are planning on distributing E-Books over the Internet, you’ll be pleased know this gives you protection from common file corruption problems

Active E-Book Compiler Crack With Keygen X64

The first important thing to keep in mind is that Cracked Active E-Book Compiler With Keygen can be used to create both stand alone E-Books and fully featured CD-ROMs.
Most importantly however is that each E-Book created with Activ E-Book Compiler is its own self-contained program. As such, there are no restrictions on the number of E-Books you can create, and no on-going fees to use the system. Since you only pay $29.95 for Active E-Book Compiler Crack For Windows, you can create as many E-Books as you like and continue to create them as long as you wish.
As mentioned, you can create both stand alone E-Books or fully featured CD-ROMs. As a stand-alone book however, you can distribute your work via any kind of medium you choose, from the standard Internet to CD-ROMs, to floppy disks, to CD-ROMs – even floppy disks!
When the program is run, it will open a new, blank document. You can then start entering your text and designs for your book right away. The program lets you create custom document templates containing your designs for easy use. The editors/tools include a Visual HTML editor and a Visual DHTML editor. They help you create and edit the contents of your E-Book such as text documents, HTML documents, files and images.
A pre-set palette of colors, fonts, and graphics is included. You can easily import your own images, graphics, and sounds. Advanced editing tools let you edit your files directly through the document with no limitations. You can rearrange elements, delete objects, and trim content all in your document. An editor with a smart tag feature gives you the option to transfer images from other files and add new files to your document as well. You can resize any object and fit it to any size.
You can easily create custom page templates containing your designs for easy use. These templates are created from elements in your document. Page templates are extremely useful for creating HTML pages within your E-Book.
An object find feature is also included. It lets you locate and edit objects within your document. It lets you find any object just by typing in a word. You can easily change the attributes of any object, such as the font, size, color, border, background, transparency, name and more. You can even hide objects to make finding and editing them that much easier.
A comprehensive help guide provides detailed instructions on using the program.

Active E-Book Compiler Crack + With Full Keygen

Active E-Book Compiler (AEC) for Microsoft Windows is a free Windows based software program for you to create E-Books. Its powerful and easy to use.
But most important, it is fully compatible with MS Internet Explorer.
No doubt this software is ideal for you who willing to create professional E-Books.
Some features of “Active E-Book Compiler”:
■ Incredibly easy to use
■ A turnkey system that any aspiring electronic publisher can use
■ Comes with complete instructions
■ Unlimited E-Books: Create as many E-Books as you want.
■ Royalty Free: There are absolutely no royalties or on-going fees to use the system.
■ Easy Distribution: Each E-Book is a self-contained Windows program. You can distribute them on any media you like, including by Internet download, by e-mail, floppy disk, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks.
■ Incredibly Easy to Use: Attractive modern Windows user interface with easy to use buttons and menus. Makes creating E-Books a snap.
■ Complete Documentation: Straightforward documentation explaining every menu option – every command – and every option in the program. The documentation even covers the steps you should take before using the program. – like how to design HTML files that compile into a high quality E-Book.
■ Internet Linking: Use standard HTML features to include links to relevant web sites in your E-Book. When a user clicks on a link to a web site, the program even opens Internet Explorer giving them a chance to connect if they’re not already connected..And yes, you can even link to your own web site to draw traffic!
■ Password Protection: Right-mouse clicking is controlled by your choice of setting in your E-Books. You can disable it completely or allow access to a limited menu (which does not include View Source). This helps protect your HTML source and stop thieves from easily stealing your valuable page designs.
■ Branding: Every E-Book you create includes your name, your company name, your copyright message, and even a link to your web site – and your e-mail address or auto-responder address if you want it! (various options in the compiler, may allow you to turn off visible display of most of this info, or design your own page for it, if wanted).

What’s New in the Active E-Book Compiler?

Active E-Book Compiler v5.5(1) is a highly-featured, smart and powerful electronic publishing software, with numerous functions that let you create professional eBooks including websites. The company is dedicated to provide a Free E-Book Compiler so that anyone can create professional eBook, which can be distributed easily and with no license fees or royalty fees. It is designed and developed by our company to be easy to use, intuitive and feature-rich electronic publishing software.
The software integrates well into Windows, Windows CE, Pocket PC and Palm OS and can integrate into a number of popular content management systems, such as file manager, web server, content management, frame builder, e-mail, calendar, in website, FTP, web browser and e-mail. It has a unique Visual Book Creation interface to let you create eBooks quickly and easily. The company strives to provide the largest collection of icons available in the world for free. In order to provide our users with the best experience for the software we release a lot of updates which are updated on daily basis.
The program can be packaged in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows. Active E-Book Compiler provides you a friendly, feature-rich application suite to create, test, modify and distribute E-Books via the Internet, CD-ROM, or any other dissemination media. The software is designed to be your E-Book creation, editing, publishing, and distribution tool. In order to make sure the software is the best in its class, we have thoroughly tested the software to ensure it does not crash or misbehave under any circumstances. The software is very powerful and has lots of additional functions, which make it easy to use and highly reliable to create high quality eBooks.
• Easily create your E-Books
Can’t find a ebook software that is an easy-to-use yet a professional-looking e-book creation software? WE have developed the E-Book creator. Our software has been designed with over two years of technology and industry experience. It lets you create your professional E-Books easily and quickly. The world’s best E-Books creator is now available.
• Easy to use
For designing your eBook you just need to select themes and enter the content and design elements. If you don’t like the created layout, just update the design elements easily and quickly to your own requirements.
• Sophisticated functions
With our features you can create your own professional style E-Book.

System Requirements For Active E-Book Compiler:

Before you install:
Steam Wallet required
When installing, ensure the game is running in Fullscreen mode and test the game as you do not want to lose your progress in case you cannot complete the game.
System Requirements
This is the minimum recommended hardware specifications. The minimum hardware specifications is a recommended configuration for most players. There may be some games that do not support your system.
CPU: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom X4 or higher
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

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