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A basic, free AutoCAD 2010 Training Certification Kit is available for free. For more information on AutoCAD Certification, please contact our training team.

AutoCAD started out in the early 1980s as an impressive product that was able to bridge the gap between what was happening on the drawing board at the design office and the actual physical building going into production. It was originally created to design and draft aircraft for one of the big international commercial companies. The goal was to design and draft the most complex plane in the world for them. It seemed like the obvious next step from the point-and-click mouse based tool to the first graphical user interface (GUI) based product. But then the advent of the internet and computers started to change the way that architecture and civil engineering professionals approached CAD.

In 2012, AutoCAD was estimated to generate US$ 1.5 billion in revenue annually, with approximately 85% of that coming from the United States. Today, AutoCAD’s users consist of architects, engineers, draftsmen, and many other professional designers. Autodesk reported that in 2014, over 4.7 million AutoCAD users in over 180 countries used AutoCAD every day.


AutoCAD is a computer-aided design and drafting software program developed and marketed by Autodesk. AutoCAD is a cross-platform, multi-user, point-and-click software application, which is available for multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. It supports drafting and designing in 2D and 3D, as well as technical and construction drafting. It can be used for creating 2D drawings, 3D models, or both, and can also be used for building floor plans.

AutoCAD was introduced in the early 1980s as a desktop application that ran on a microcomputer with an internal graphics controller. Before AutoCAD was introduced, most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. AutoCAD was built from the ground up to streamline the process of creating 2D and 3D drawings. It started with a point-and-click style user interface, but with a more realistic set of tools. This made it easier to draw from a tablet, laptop, or other device that was connected to the computer. Today, AutoCAD is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as

AutoCAD [2022]

Geometric modeling

The geometric modeling capabilities in AutoCAD Full Crack provide the means for creating three-dimensional objects, either by an intuitive click-and-drag interface or with more sophisticated geometric modeling tools. The geometric modeling tools were introduced in AutoCAD 2010. In AutoCAD 2013, these modeling tools have been greatly enhanced.

Geometric modeling tools include, but are not limited to, the following:

• *3D wireframe modeling tools allow objects to be created by drawing with edges that are automatically extruded into a three-dimensional space.

• *Shape tools allow for simple 3D forms to be created by drawing them on the screen in 2D. These tools can be used to create complex shapes quickly.

• *Creation tools allow for the creation of 3D objects through a combination of shape tools and parametric/mesh modeling tools. Parametric models are created using the Shape tools, with editable dimensions, position, orientation, and color.

• *Surface modeling tools allow for surfaces to be extruded into three dimensions by entering a height field.

• *Billboard tools allow for the creation of 3D objects with 2D shapes attached to them. These shapes can be attached by angle, location, or other attributes. The surface of the object can also be controlled through a sweep volume.

• *Component and assembly tools allow for the creation of assemblies of objects in a 3D space. The components are attached to one another by a variety of attachment types and the ability to modify the design of the assembly.

• *Revolve tools allow for 3D objects to be created by performing revolve and extrude operations on the 3D object.

• *Intersect tools allow for a selected edge to be created. This edge can be repositioned, reflected, and used as a cutting plane. This cutting plane can then be used to create a cut with other 3D objects.

• *Move tools allow for a selected edge to be moved. This edge can be used to create splines, solids, and cuts. These tools can be used to move objects into a desired location in the 3D space.

• *Remove tools allow for a selected edge to be deleted. This edge can be used to create splines, solids, and cuts. These tools can be used to move objects out of a desired location in the 3D space.

• *Paint tools allow

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Install the keygen file.

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Open the log file.

Paste the license key.

Print the log file.


Open the.exe file of Autocad in notepad.
Search for the license key : “2*^&”)”
Replace it with “2*A”)”
You have to find the license key by looking into the log file of Autocad.
After you have found the license key, you have to go to the Window and enter it


Edit the License.licx (or License.lic) file.
Copy the word LicenseGenerator from the string section.
Open Notepad
Paste the copied word after the word:
Now in Notepad, look for the LicenseGenerator string. Copy the next 15 characters in the string.
Open Autocad.
Enter the license key by clicking the spaces.
Go to the License.licx file, and replace the LicenseGenerator string with your copied string.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Print View:

Prints a scaled view that displays both the print area and your view in layout view. Also available in the DWG Viewer. (video: 7:52 min.)

Completely new 3D ribbon

A ribbon that offers more flexibility in how you interact with 3D objects in AutoCAD

The ribbon in 3D has been completely redesigned, based on usability research, to give you more ways to access your common 3D commands. A new ribbon bar is available for 3D work, and a new 3D ribbon toolbar is available in 2D and 3D, and in both the Command and Ribbon tabs.

New Column and Table Tools:

With 3D modeling, the 3D column and 3D table tools have been redesigned to improve ease of use and add several new features. The new tools give you more control and precision. (video: 2:24 min.)

New customization features

An easier way to personalize the commands and menus in AutoCAD that you use most frequently.

You can now set default tool preferences and keystroke combinations from anywhere in the interface.

Replace commands:

The Replace command now works in more situations, such as when you select text or export it to a new file, to reduce the number of steps necessary to work in a particular situation.

Revolve Enhancements:

Revolve commands have been improved, including better sizing of the revolved object, more precise alignments of the axis on which you revolve, and the ability to revolve an entire polyline, arc, or circle instead of just a single point. The new revolve interface also offers more flexibility in displaying the results of your revolve operation. You can specify what and how you see the results, or how the results are automatically displayed, from the ribbon, in a tooltip, or on a status bar.

Structural Editor:

Create a planar surface quickly and easily, using the new structure editor. The editor gives you more control over surface geometry and editing tools, even for complex designs.

Text Enhancements:

When you edit text in your drawings, the text editor can now display the individual character glyphs so that you can see their dimensions and orientations. You can also have the text editor automatically select the appropriate character glyphs for the font you are using. And the text editor now provides richer information about text

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Recommended specifications
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